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In Amelissa catalog, a store located in Colombia since 2000, has been engaged in direct marketing of household products, indoor and outdoor clothing, cosmetics, accessories and fragrances of quality. Amelissa has for you an extensive line of products for the family in their catalog sales that will call a lot of attention thanks to its quality, fashion and trends in a variety colors, but especially low prices.

Amelissa fashion catalog

Visit Amelissa catalog and see for yourself why it is the leader in Colombia in catalog sales.

clothing fashion shoes Amelissa
Fashion and quality at Amelissa catalog

In Amelissa brochure for special categories in the catalog Special Christmas Special, and Fun and Fashion Shoes with the best seasonal ingredients, without neglecting his campaign June catalog where you can choose clothes, shoes and accessories at Bright and Luxury trend with decorated in rhinestones on black color high shoes, bags and dresses in gold with black accents that will make you shine at night.

Colombia catalog sales

In Amelissa, beautiful high boots with stiletto black color will look perfect with some black leggings and a gray blouse with gold stamping.

fashion black boots Amelissa

And what about the short dress in navy blue with a cute brown belt and gold jewelry will make you look perfect for work.

Amelissa catalog clothing fashionable dresses
Low prices on Amelissa catalog

In the catalog Amelissa Tropical trend, find shoes multicolor neon colors like heel and platform heels in pink neon yellow green platform and heel, plus office bags for green palm tree and color handbags purple fascinate you.

Amelissa tropical fashion catalog

Amelissa flat sandals are youthful and very comfortable and you can take home the for only 29,999 Colombian pesos.

Amelissa clothing catalog

And what about sneakers in white with touches of pink or black laces and midsole with blue water, great fun! They will be yours for only 37,999 pesos.

Amelissa fashion casual shoes

Check out Amelissa catalog and choose what you like at the best prices in Colombia.

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