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The heat is here, and many need new shoes to address these temperatures will only increase in the coming days. A brand that we love for their proposals is Andrea shoes with summer 2013 catalog.

This year the platforms and woods are a clear trend in fashion shoes 2013 and Andrea is not far behind in their designs that brings you in Andrea Spring Summer 2013 catalog.

Andrea Sandals 2013
Andrea Sandals Catalog 2013

The catalog of open shoes or sandals Andrea 2013 we have some beautiful models to keep in mind for when you get to beat the heat with a dress or skirt, or even light trousers or jeans with your sandals Andrea.

Brand new this year are:

Andrea digital catalog spring Veano

Andrea Platforms and cork sandals, jute, wood or patterned fabrics. Many combination and mixture of textures, which gives a look more fun and risky.

Andrea Sandals 2013

The bottom glass or transparent plastic heel or base, is a detail that is a very strong trend on the runways of high fashion, you’ll see that more and more brands use it. Andrea some good shoes and be ready for us this 2013!

Andrea Summer 2013

Woods, either a complete basis Swedish style timber or a estampadao siemplemente with reference to the wood, this year Andrea and platform sandals in his catalog are indispensable.

Andrea Sandals Catalog

Neon colors and metals, as you know from our previous articles on 2013 trends, combined neon colors like pink and yellow and the details in metal, from last year are in major catalogs.

Andrea Virtual Catalog 2013

Roman style flat sandals with neon or tribal detail. Two trends that are incorporated into flat sandals or floor, with no heel, does not mean they are not very in and fun. Andrea Roman sandals or high ankle below are our favorites!

I have yours? remember to know more about the brand please visit the brand page, or if you want to know how to order go to our guide Andrea Orders.

Good luck with the heat! :)

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