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Adrafinil, a nootropic substance has been popularly used by people across the globe to boost their mental strength. The substance allows users to reduce stress and focus better on everyday tasks that require concentration and cerebral coordination. Consequently, it is being used by all kinds of people including businessmen/women, students, and people suffering from ADD and ADHD. It is a commercial alternative to Modafinil, which in turn is quite hard to get hold of. Adrafinil on the other hand is easy to procure and is available through online counters. Once inside the body, it converts in Modafinil and provides the same advantages as medical Modafinil. However, most potential users would be wondering whether it would require any prescription to get hold of Adrafinil online. Here’s debriefing the theory.

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Commonly sold under the brand name Olmifon, Adrafinil is a medical grade stimulant that boosts alertness and wakefulness. Apart from users looking to increase their concentration levels, Adrafinil is also a common substance to support regular sleep.

As a nootropic substance, Adrafinil is commonly prescribed to professionals who work overnight and for obvious reasons feel drowsy. Similar to substances like Provigil, Alertic and Modalert, Adrafinil enters the system to convert into Modafinil. The conversion takes place in the liver and after that the substance travels to the brain in via the blood stream to boost mental clarity and energy levels.

Being nootropic, Adrafinil can be used several times to support late night sessions, either study or work, helping boost focus and concentration. Viewed technically, the substance doesn’t act as a complete cognitive enhancer as it doesn’t directly affect learning skills, memory or reasoning. However, it does present the brain with additional alertness and enhance cognitive skills.

Do I need a prescription?

The need for prescriptions to buy Adrafinil depends on the country laws. The legality varies but in most nations, the buying of Adrafinil isn’t regulated. There are no official procedures to procuring the nootropic substance. In the United States for example, Adrafinil is categorized under “unscheduled drugs” meaning that buyers wouldn’t need a doctor’s prescription to get hold of it. However, the FDA is yet to provide full approval to the substance.

This is the only reason why users of Adrafinil purchase the substance without having a Modafinil prescription. The laws in Canada and the United Kingdom are the same as the United States. However, in countries like Australia, the purchase of Adrafinil is completely regulated and can be had only with an authorized prescription.

Adrafinil review

If you are in a state that doesn’t require a prescription for the buy/use of Adrafinil, the best advice is to ask a doctor and determine whether you really need to use the substance. Although it has no disastrous side effect, it does put a pressure on the body’s renal system. Excessive use of Adrafinil can also cause liver damage. People suffering from liver problems shouldn’t use the substance. The best way to determine is asking your doctor about the compatibility of Adrafinil with your body. For best results search for online vendors for Adrafinil from

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