How to write a conclusion for an essay of literary analysis

A literary analysis essay focuses on a particular aspect of a work of literature. This type of essay should be written in an academic style and format to discuss the literary work professionally. The findings of a literary analysis summarizes the key points and reinforce the thesis.



Read your essay. This should have a strong thesis, which can be supported through the body.

Make a list of the main points of the essay. For a basic test of university level should be about three main points related to the topic of the essay.

Rewrite these main points in the form of prayer. For example, if your essay discusses the symbols of the cage, stitch and cluttered kitchen in “A Jury of Her Peers” by Susan Glaspell, you should write a sentence for each symbol summarizing its meaning in the same way that was discussed in the assay.

Rewrite your thesis in a way that suggests that such a conclusion drawn from the main points. For example, if your thesis suggests that the symbols of the previous example show a gender inequality in the social context of the story, directly links this idea to the explanation of the symbols. Write “Therefore, the cage, the stitches and the state of the kitchen showing the difficulty of the characters to live in this rough weather.”

Combine the sentences into a coherent paragraph. The explanation of the main points of the essay should be first and then reinforcing the thesis.

Make sure the paragraph makes sense in itself and is a strong paragraph itself.

Use transitions to make these assertions come together in a clear and concise manner. You do not want the conclusion read as a bunch of sentences put together.

Do not introduce new ideas in the conclusion. If you are discussing the three symbols mentioned above, do not enter one in the conclusion. the trial is over, this is the end. It will be very confusing to the reader if you start to discuss something new.

Do not contradict your previous points. If the body explains the symbol of a way, do not you describe how different conclusion.

Leaves the reader with some application. Conclusions should answer questions such as “why should we care?”. Include this with the statements and have written or add a new statement. The most important thing is to tie it all and put it in perspective for the reader.