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Everyone is busy these days and though your mind is alert all the time, most of us will not be able to identify oneself as completely fit. Fitness can be a debatable topic today wherein one identifies it as being able to perform day-to-day activities efficiently while the other may call it as the ability to carry off all your daily duties and maintaining yourself mentally and physically fit.

When you are not fit, you will feel lazy, tired all the times and a little chore may burn you down. Some simple changes and healthier choices will help to live a better, helps to reduce your appetite and improved life.
Food value:
Any article, book or people you meet would tell you that you cannot be fit unless you eat healthy and most of us would wonder why most of the food items we love to eat are unhealthy. In this hectic schedule, where we are forced to pick up the processed, ready-to-cook meals from the super markets which are filled-in with preservatives and taste enhancers. There needs to be a formula that helps us keep fit and eat healthier.
There are certain points that we can follow to achieve them.
Never skip breakfast
As the term says, ‘breakfast ‘means breaking the fast of the whole night. And, when you wake up; your body needs energy to get on with the day’s activities. When you skip breakfast, your body craves for food and when you have your next meal, you grope the most and overeat.
Keeping schedules
Having problems with digestion and constipation is very common these days. This is not just because of our sedentary lifestyle but also because of our irregular eating patterns. It is important that we follow a fixed time schedule to our meals. This brings discipline and regularity to the body patterns.
Skipping Junk/Processed Food
When in the store, not visiting the section where they keep all the packaged/processed food items has helped me to keep away from my temptations. Rather than filling the jars and fridge with the fried and unhealthy food items, ensuring that your fridge is engaged with your favorite fruit, not necessarily Apples as they all say but the ones you like, is another good away to eat right.
Physical Workout:
Oh! This has been the hardest. Making time for the workout and exercising every day. But it’s all a myth. As far as we understand our body, we don’t necessarily need to hit the gym every morning to burn our body fat.
Workout is not all about working on the treadmill or picking up weights. But you can also lose your calories if you engage in your daily household chores. Like sweeping floors and cleaning the house may make you lose around 200 calories at a time! Making beds, watering plants, laundry, playing around with children is all making your body move. You may also engage yourself in your hobby activities like gardening, dancing, home repair activities, bicycling or playing with children and animals to make you lose weight.

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