SBO NEWS Conte certainly not the mother took Juve won Serie A three times .

Antonio Conte consultant ” zebra” Juventus do not guarantee the future of his team would be this season. The defending champion , who recently led the team to three consecutive Serie . The need to assess situations Conjunction with the board this summer by sbobet , but no matter how he is a fan. ” Bianco Neri” forever.

Trainer Antonio Conte Juventus Serie A giants battle Serie A Italy revealing that he is not sure of his future team . After having to wait to talk to the board this summer before sbobet even just taking the team trophy by moat Dickenson win a third consecutive time.

The Raiders defeated Roma to Catania on Sunday , May 4, made ​​strategies ” Zebra ” won for sure. Prior to slash beat Atalanta 1-0 on Monday, May 5, and Conte sbobet notable success of the team over the next 2-3 years ago, but not sure he will be the team next season . or not

44 -year -old coach said: “I would call this a scooter Dickenson history. It was the best fit for what the team did in the past three years , especially when finished seventh twice in a row sbobet what this team did in Italy could not be better than this . I know what I put on the team. And what the players put the team together with me. ”

” We always say We’ll talk about it when the situation calmed down. And analyze every aspect was very tense three years . We need to sit down Exchange ideas in a relaxed manner . And see what the situation is, however, sbobet thai I can not say I want a guarantee. I will say what I need to speak to the club. Together, we can evaluate what works best for Juventus . I want what ‘s best for Juventus in every way ” .

When asked if he might decide to stay out of the coach or not, Conte said, “No , I just need to talk to the club. And will be assessed as necessary. I am a Juventus fan . I was , even when I go around the country to work as a coach and learn sbobet Now I coached Juventus . And will continue to in the future. This is my family, ”
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