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In order to keep yourself healthy, one should change their lifestyle.Mental and physical health are the major things to be considered and these two terms should be in balance.If any of the two changes that affects the other.Here are some health tips for healthy living for good health. In addition, there are some tips to avoiding actions that cause unhealthy living.


Top 7 tips to keep yourself healthy:

Eating (Diet):

Every human being needs food for the healthy growth of their body. Each and every group of human beings such as adults,teenagers, kids, infants, seniors require different kinds and different time food.Eat breakfast,lunch and dinner, but avoid eating too much before sleeping can cause weight gain.Avoid eating raw or uncooked food because cooking can kill the harmful bacteria and other pathogens and also avoid eating sugary, fatty and fried foods.Eat healthy fruits in your snacks after washing them properly.

Exercise and physical activity:

Exercise is the major thing for being healthy.Daily or regular exercise can prevent you from weight gain,decrease fat,prevents from diseases such as diabetes,heart disease,stroke,obesity, high blood pressure,Osteoporosis.Improve balance,endurance,flexibility,increases muscle and bone strength.

Mental health:

Apart from physical health there is another major thing which is to be considered that is mental health.Take about 8-9 hours of sleep daily, Take a walk and notice different things in the surroundings, Try something new like games, movies, cooking, do some mind exercises like play puzzle,have fun like doing shopping and fishing or the things that entertains you,take advice from others if you are not able to take decisions,start avoiding the things that you feel that harm your physical and mental health.

Avoid high risk sexual behaviors:

High risk sexual behavior can cause herpes, gonorrhea,human papilloma virus(HPV), hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cancer,syphilis,HIV infection.Avoid multiple sex partners, drug usage,unprotected sex,unplanned pregnancy, before making sex sure of partners health.Use condoms or other supplements which can avoid these diseases.

Avoid other high risk behaviors:

The other high risk behaviors are while driving, using cell phones,texting, doing other tasks,under the influence of drug or alcohol,without using helmets and seat belts,breaking traffic rules,reckless driving and speeding,smoking.You can get more information on very efficient cutting stack.


Alcohol contains high calories, which causes high blood pressure and obesity,it can cause which leads to confusion,forgetfulness,depression,shakiness.It can be dangerous if you are taking medicines.Alcohol is not so bad taking it once in 2-3 months or during special occasions doesn’t harm you but take doctors advice.
Smoking can lead to cancer and stroke. As everyone knows smoking is injurious to health. It is very difficult to stop when one is addicted to it.Avoid peoples or the places where you offer the smoke.Start following stop smoking books.Inthe place of smoking start using chewing gums,chocolates which will not contain any nicotine or toxic substance.

Although there are various methods to keep yourself healthy and fit, due to lack of awareness or people just avoid these things and get affected by various diseases. Following the above 5 tips can make you feel healthy and fit all the time.

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